Gallery News

It’s been 3 years since our first gallery was installed and back then it consisted of a couple of albums totalling no more than 20 images.

Nowadays, having undergone both aesthetic and version changes, it totals a massive 2266 images, with view counts for each main ‘scouting year’ album around the 5000 mark on average. The gallery currently boasts many exciting features, but is still being worked devishly hard on by all the developers contributing to its open source project.

And we mustn’t forget the kind people at Gyron who host all those space-sapping images. We are now a gigasite (which may just be a term I’ve coined?) and probably have one of the (if not the) largest online scout photo galleries on the WWW.

2 thoughts on “Gallery News

  1. Tom you may remember that we did have a lot more pictures on one of the earlier Galleries but they got lost when a server got rebuilt. Is it worth trying to rebuild these?

    Keep up the good work



  2. We only lost 3 albums as far as I recall, one of them your ML course, but that was due to a bug in the version of Gallery which deleted albums randomly. It would be great to put some of the pre-2000 photos on as archives yeah, can be an ongoing project!


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