Development Update

New on the right sidebar are some site statistics, which give some standard stats for the site frontend. Just above the heading Site Statistics is a counter web badge, which totals unique page hits. The site control panel claims to have had 465,924 unique hits this month so far, which would account for the extra bandwidth the site is using, however this may not be entirely accurate as it most likely is including search robots, and I suspect it is referring to hits. Still, in any case it is quite a lot.

Also new is the facility to register (in green text on the left) which will allow you to comment on posts and be a subscriber with you’re own user profile, plus if two or more users are online at the same time, there is a Who’s Online feature at the bottom of the right sidebar.

You can now collapse/expand certain sidebar elements (e.g all the web-badges on the left) using the [+/-] tags (there’s 3 altogether) and they’ll remember if you prefer them expanded or collapsed too. Also the GeoURL web-badge is fun – it gives you a list of sites nearby in a geographical sense.

And yes, I’m still working on the live search box top right, it’s proving pretty tricky to make it behave.