Gallery Update

The gallery has recently been upgraded enhancing performance (speed) and a new “cart”. This “cart” facility is solely for the use of downloading multiple images/albums to your computer (instead of having to save individual images). This works as follows…

  1. Navigate to the desired album/image and choose “add to cart” from underneath it (album) or to the left of it (image).
  2. To view/access your cart simply click on “view cart” at the top left of the sidebar on every page.
  3. From this interface you can choose to download all the images as a zip file and hopefully will save a lot of time.

The 34th Nottingham Scouts Gallery now contains over 2400 images. It was first established in 2001 and has grown considerably over the years to become the most popular feature of the site.

Nearly a ‘giga-gallery’, (over 1GB of photos) the feature eats up resources considerably and we are very thankful to the guys at Gyron Internet Ltd. for their continuing support of the site.