Old Scouts never die……though not through a lack of trying!

A day in the life of Richard Nicolle. (GSL Retired)

Had a good day?

I spent most of today fitting the old pantry shelves, now freshly painted, to their new positions to get the fridge and new storage trolleys in as well. Things went well until it came to making a new 25” x 27” shelf to go over the fridge.

I found an old 3’ x 5’ sheet of block board in the garage, everything else was too small. Unfortunately part of the sheet had got wet in the past, so I decided to cut section from most sound looking central section and scrap the rest. I turned the board round to cut off a waste bit to make cutting easier and cut 3” section off the end of the workmate bench! I called myself a special sort of IDIOT, but was impressed that the saw blade had passed neatly down a 4mm space between sections of the metal base, something I could not have done if I had tried.

I delaminated the waste board to get the block for shredding and stuck ply splinters into the palm of my hand, fortunately they were long and shallow so could be pulled out. While trying to avoid more splinters as I opened the wheelie bin to bin the ply, unfortunately the wind caught the lid and flipped it over onto the car wing, denting the panel — further words of encouragement were made to the World in general!

After all that effort it turned out that the section that I intended to use for the shelf was weakly glued and delaminated when I stepped on it — I had no words of encouragement for this happening!

I went up into the loft to see if there was any scrap for a shelf there – success, a door sized painted piece. Before lowering this to the landing, I decided to move the steam cleaner from below the ladder because I could see what might happen. From this point things improved, I did not drop this new sheet of wood and also spotted the dowel plugs I had used to fix the chairs – hey presto glue too – now the workmate is fixed, just a mm shorter, but who cares. While the going was good, I shut the garage door and gave up for the day!

Have a nice day!