Learn Norwegian

For those members of the group going on the Norway 2006 expedition (or others who perhaps wish to learn norwegian) a “norwegian language guide” has been created for the site. Here are 3 small excerpts – don’t miss the useful links at the end…

A Small Guide To The Norwegian Language

In many ways, the Norwegian language is very different from most other languages; Although Norway only has 4.5 million inhabitants, it has two different, official written languages and hundreds of (more or less) clearly distinct dialects

TIP: The Norwegian people are extremely shy….

Snakker du engelsk? [snakker du enge-lesk] – Do you speak English?
Jeg snakker bare litt norsk [yeah snaccer bore de litt noshk] – I only speak a little Norwegian.

Hva heter du? [va jeter dur] – What is your name?
Jeg heter… [yey heh-tair] – I’m called…


  1. Hear Norwegian phrases spoken
  2. Test your Norwegian (quiz)
  3. Norwegian step-by-step
  4. BBC MP3 Phrases for your iPod

The full 2-page resource can be viewed here on our site (or it can be downloaded as a pdf file for printing). There’s now absolutely no excuse for not being fluent by Summer!

Happy learning!