Bronze D of E Qualifier, Yorkshire Dales.

Mixed weather greeted the older boys in the Scout Troop as they undertook their expedition for their Bronze D of E award in the Yorkshire Dales last weekend. Friday was really quite fantastic with clear blue skies and unusually warm weather for the season. Nevertheless we had rain in store and before dawn on the Saturday the rain began to fall. The sort of rain that soaks you without you noticing! The afternoon cheered up a little and allowed the groups to camp and cook in the dry. The final day proved to be just misty and a little damp so both groups covered the final 15km to Grewlsthorpe without incident and in a cracking pace.

Overall the both groups performed well with no obvious navigation errors however some of the packs were still a bit on the heavy side. Careful consideration of the menu with regard to weight would have cut down a bit on this as tins are just a bit too heavy to take for a walk!

Well done to you all, record books and log books to be handed in as soon as possible, at the latest by the end of term!