Cellar Refurb 2006

With part one of our ‘cellar refurbishment programme’ having been completed last year, part two was on schedule for June 2006. The ‘back room’ was transformed from a murky and dreary to a dazzling and more airy room over a period of two weeks (a rather large portion of paint was used!). In addition, all the old racking and venting was chopped/cut out and disposed of and deeper Rapid Racking purchased for the tents and camp equipment.

New Cellar

The construction and reloading of the new racking was completed quickly and left time for us to have a big sort out of current equipment especially in the two adjacent rooms. More racking was purchased to efficiently store our increasing stock of pioneering poles in the far room to allow them to dry and be accessed speedily.


The school have also promised us new doors and private locks in the near furture so that we are the only ones able to access our rooms. The cellar is also increasingly less damp thanks to school’s repair works. All that leaves now is for the lift shaft to be extended 1 floor downwards!

Make sure you have a look in the cellar sometime soon, you won’t recognise it 😉 Or just visit the gallery album for a few pics