Norway Update 3

Well, here we go again – Day 3 Mountain Activities…

Thomas Hecht led his group including the geriatric and somewhat disabled Ben Thomas up Skala – 1848m above sea (fjord) level which is where he started. They all got to the top in good time and good weather although not managing to beat the record of 1 hour 9 minutes and 48 seconds!!! (well he was Austrian).

Meanwhile, further up the valley Group 3 were learning how to use crampons and ice axes on the Bodalsbreen Glacier in preparation for their big trip to the summit of Lodalskapa, which Group 2 spent their day attempting to conquer. Group 2 were beaten by time and while they didn’t manage to get to the top of Lodalskapa they did spend a 13 hour (!) day exploring that area of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier. Checkout the awesome photos… soon!

Tomorrow, who knows…?