Norway Update 4

 Success on Lodalskapa! Group 3 led by Gandalf the guide + Simon, Pete, and Joe, made their attempt today on Lodalskapa. By mid-morning the group decided that if anybody was to achieve the top they would need to separate and so Pete, Joe, Emily and Kaishini opted for the alternative pursuit of building a snowman! (See photo). Meanwhile Simon + Gandalf along with 5 Explorer Scouts headed for the summit at 14:23 (!) – all 7 summiting on the highest peak in western Norway (2085m). Congratulations to all.
Meanwhile, on another part of the Jostedalsbreen, group 1 were undertaking their glacier orientation day. After a couple of hours walking around on the glacier, the group finally persuaded Ben to attempt a full-on ice climb!

Steve and Graham, following their long day on Lodalskapa, took the opportunity to take their group on a tour of the local beauty spots. A ferry journey along the Geiranga Fjord offered fantastic views of the ‘Seven Sisters Waterfall’ to the port and the ‘Wooer’ waterfall to the starboard.

P.S. congratulations to Slartibardfast on the design of the Fjords!