Pancakes & Photos

PancakesGreat news! After such a busy summer and a whopper of a 2005-2006 album (nearly 1300 photos in the year!) we’ve just started our 2006-2007 ‘umbrella’ album in the gallery so take a look. For now there’s just the photos from the first meeting (pancakes in the East Quad), but more will follow as various trips and friday afternoon activity photos get sent my way *hint hint*

If you have any photos you would like to see on the gallery, please contact me (or if that link does not work for you use the “contact us ” page and select “Tom (Webmaster)” from the drop-down menu. On a similar note, if anyone wishes to help Ben and I out and feel that they have something (e.g. news) that anyone from just a couple of Scouts to the whole Group would benefit from or be interested in, contact me (Tom) again as above (just chuck a few photos or the news/other text in the e-mail). Explorers – you must surely have some meeting photos?

I look forward to any feedback. 🙂

Coming Up
• New year 7 start soon
• Group Bonfire Party (keep your calendar free!)
• Troop Day Hike (November)

[for more detail go to our downloads page and click on “Yearly Calendar Group” – you will need the password – contact anyone through the contact form if in any doubt]

Look out for the Norway 2006 and Summer Camp 2006 write-ups coming shortly along with Friday afternoon termly calendars for Scouts and Explorers.