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Welcome to 34th Nottingham Scouts in 2007. As you may know, 2007 is Scouting’s Centenary – “a year of adventure, international friendship, and an opportunity to change the world for good” []. Read up more on the World Centenary Activities website.

Anyway, we’ve got some exciting content on it’s way for you over the next year, which we’re confident you’ll enjoy. Keep tuned for updates.

3 things for you to do in the meantime…

  • Explorer Scouts interested in taking part in the N.E.S.S.T. night hike should visit the downloads page for the relevant application forms to print off and hand in to Ben – it’s a good challenge!
  • In the meantime, why not check out the external links we have. If you need some new gear, want to read up on the latest national or international scouting news, or fancy seeing what other groups get up to, just visit the links section
  • If you’ve not had a look at our gallery recently you’ll be missing out on the latest updates. Also, we’re always looking for photos from 34th Scouting related events so let us know if you have any.