Boggle Hole 2007

The weather held fair for the first overnight trip of the year as we set off for the North Yorkshire Coast and Boggle Hole. Joe had visited this hostel with his parents as a small boy and although the Troop had in fact visited twice over the past few years for the rest of us it was a new venue. The tide was out when we arrived so we unpacked the minibus in quick time before setting off along the beach to Robin Hood’s Bay and an impromptu meal of Haddock and Chips. The following day we headed south to Ravenscar where we met a couple of fossil hunters, Buzz a local man and his friend from the Orkneys, who helped us turn our previously scant display of fossils into a display worthy of the Natural History Museum. Our final morning was spent in Whitby following the trail of Bram Stokers Dracula.