10th International Youth Gathering for Cultural Exchange

19 August 2007

This August, only two young representatives from the UK Scout Association have been chosen to take part in this unique cultural exchange. At the 34th Nottingham Scout Group we are very pleased that both the candidates selected are currently young leaders in our Scout Troop. We recognise the opportunities hereby presented for Peter and Thomas to share and learn about Scouting and youth in other countries and to offer this knowledge and information to other Scouts. Whilst embracing and gaining understanding of alternative cultures, Peter and Thomas will be presenting, not exhaustively, our own customs and traditions from the UK.

Essentially representing the UK Scout Association, the pair will aim to develop ties of friendship with the Scouts from the different countries represented at the gathering and share dialogue on matters such as the issues and challenges facing youth worldwide, human values, and principles of tolerance and peace.

They will be able to establish links and future meets via the UK-Arab Region Scouting Fellowship for the group and district to pursue.

Peter Clarson, SL
Thomas Hecht, ASL
Ben Thomas GSL