Day 7 & 8 – Glacier Training & Allalinhorn


The day began with a proper kitting out: Crampons, Harnesses, Ice Axes and Helmets. Ascending in the gondolas right to their extent; we dropped off the extra kit in the hut before setting out onto the snow. Learning on the move how to cut steps, rescue from the crevasses, littering the landscape and the day culminating in climbing in and out of a crevasse using ice axes which was a truly amazing life experience.

Chris Brenchley

The Allalinhorn.

We started with the walk to the train station which was hard. Then we got on the train which was horrible and underground and about to collapse it didn’t even have a driver! After that was the true climb. Roped together meant no one could walk at the right speed or even stop to eat lunch the summit was nice we came back and found nice toilets in Saas fee.

Katy Exton