Scout Scavengers

In this week’s session the troop participated in a scavenger hunt. Racing around their homes they found the equipment they needed for a hike. Riddles were solved, boots were booted and at least one boy wished he’d tidied his room.

All the leaders and volunteers are looking forward to when the scouts can make use of this prep in the (literal) field, with rucksacks correctly packed. Here’s a photo of us discussing the evening afterwards in remote 2021 style.

#ThankTwo Day

It’s February 22, and so it in the spirit of thank two we want to take a moment to commemorate the history of Scouts and to thank the volunteers who make it possible. Thank you to all the leaders and helpers for the time they give so freely and thank you @NottsHigh for the fantastic facilities and support they provide #SoMuchMore.

Running Scouts Under Covid-19

Running scouts under Covid-19 has heaped challenges on to the leadership. Nonetheless, the troop has risen to the occassion. When permitted, in year group bubbles, the scouts have enjoyed a host of games and activities. This has included water rockets and hockey. Whereas, whilst limited to participating from home the Scouts have been challenged to make their own Gifs, have virtually raced accross the country or worked together to survive from a plane crash. We all look forward to when we can return to the scout hut though.

Summer Camp 2019

Here are some photos showing some of the activities we got up to on our annual camp. Thank you to all the kids that made this camp such a brilliant one, the parents that helped with all the loading/ unloading and the leaders who give up so much time to make these things possible. An amazing end to another year of scouting.

Snowdonia Easter trip 2019