First Year 7 Meeting 05/10/2018

It was a busy meeting of cooking competitions for the Scouts and it was great to see so many new year 7s!


end of term 2018

We finished off the Summer term with our annual Scout Olympics and Summer BBQ. A big thank you again to everyone who helped make the BBQ such a success this year. Wishing the Explorer Scouts lots of fun on their expedition to Switzerland!

Summer term 2018

Here are a few photos to give an impression of some of the activities we have been up to this term.

Spring term 2018

Please see attached below any photos I have left from last term! It was an eventful term featuring a day hike to test the navigation skills we learned, a visit to the fire station, some fire making skills and of course pancake day!

Friday night canoeing

Today the scouts took the canoes out for a paddle at Hoveringham. They had a great time with some of them spending more time in the water than in the canoe!