Summer term 2018

Here are a few photos to give an impression of some of the activities we have been up to this term.


Spring term 2018

Please see attached below any photos I have left from last term! It was an eventful term featuring a day hike to test the navigation skills we learned, a visit to the fire station, some fire making skills and of course pancake day!

Friday night canoeing

Today the scouts took the canoes out for a paddle at Hoveringham. They had a great time with some of them spending more time in the water than in the canoe!

Troop Meeting 26/05/2017

The scouts made some rockets to launch on the front lawn, followed by a game of rounders.

Troop Meeting 12/05/2017

Cooking for year 7 and 8 while year 9 prepared for their upcoming training expedition to the Vale of Belvoir.