Group History

A Short History…

The Group was founded in 1914, along with the 35th, 36th and 37th groups also at the school after the beginning of the First World War, only five years after scouting had begun in Nottingham. The Group has undergone many changes of its leaders and headquarters over the years, finally resting in the school’s staff car park since 1981. However, the period 1918-1948 is assumed to have been the period when the Group had been temporarily shut down, with only the 34th continuing from 1948.

The Group has had an annual Summer camp (and the ESU an annual Easter camp – now D of E Practice) ever since 1960 and both the Scouts and Explorers have taken part in many other expeditions and activities over the years including the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Norway, and Sailing. The most recent reviews/photos can be seen on this site.