Troop meeting 10/03/2017

Last week we had our annual night hike. It was a good night and it was nice to see so many of the parents turn up to walk with us. thank you to everyone that supported the night and helped make it a success. This week year 7 learned how to tie various knots in preparation for activities on Summer camp. Year 8 played table tennis and year 9 did some cooking on fires in the yard.

Pancake day 2017

We had an early pancake day at Scouts this week. The scouts enjoyed making pancakes and we held several competitions involving flipping pancakes, which were great fun but not sure whether more pancakes ended up in the pans or on the floor!

February Day Hike 2017

Please find a few (belated) photos of the day hike attached below. We had a great turnout and the groups I saw all seemed to have a good time. Hopefully all of the scouts are perfect navigators now in preparation for Ennerdale!

First aid training

This weekend a group of the leaders got together to attend an outdoor first aid course and brush up on our skills. Thank you to everyone who gave up their time, both for the one this weekend and the one during the week, to make our trips safer for the scouts!

Cooking 06/01/2017

Welcome back to all the scouts after what we hope was an enjoyable Christmas break. Today the scouts were cooking and, in a diversion from the norm, we didn’t provide them with a recipe! They all did really well and produced some very nice meals all round.