Troop Meeting 16/09/16

Welcome back, I hope you all had a nice Summer. The year 8s spent the last two weeks planning and cooking in order ¬†to work towards their global cuisine badge. I’m told that this went well and they enjoyed making a variety of dishes. They will carry on with this next meeting. The year 9s made paper aeroplanes last week and this week they learned how to use the stoves which they will use on their Duke of Edinburgh expeditions/ the stoves we use on a Friday night. Please remember there will be no meeting this Friday due to open day.

Explorer camp day 6

Here is the last photo from explorer camp. Thank you to everyone who made the two weeks of camp such a success! It was a brilliant 2 weeks and we have had great feedback from a lot of the boys. Bring on Summer camp 2017!

Explorer Camp Day 5

Another day out on the water. The wind picked up in the afternoon, meaning there were a few capsizings but everyone had a lot of fun.

Explorer Camp Day 4

The first day of sailing today. I gather everyone picked it up quite quickly and had a really enjoyable day.

Explorer Camp Day 3

We spent today at the the beach. Once back on site we prepared our banquet, a 3 course meal with some lovely smoked ribs. A well done to all the explorers for their making this a success!