21st May – Investitures

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome a staggering 21 new members to the 34th this evening. A cracking bunch of kids – we are looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead! A small selection of photos from the Year 7 investitures below. I’m not sure that cricket whites and Scout Uniform will take off!

A few games either side of the investitures for Year 7, culinary delights on fires for Year 9 and 12, some incident planning for Year 8 and first aid training for Year 10 were the other activities this evening.

Scout Scavengers

In this week’s session the troop participated in a scavenger hunt. Racing around their homes they found the equipment they needed for a hike. Riddles were solved, boots were booted and at least one boy wished he’d tidied his room.

All the leaders and volunteers are looking forward to when the scouts can make use of this prep in the (literal) field, with rucksacks correctly packed. Here’s a photo of us discussing the evening afterwards in remote 2021 style.