Transition Nearly Complete

Compare the picture below with what’s onscreen – the site has really advanced in its 2006 redevelopment, but how?…

Old Site

…Apart from design, the other crucial aspect of the new site is its dynamic content (as opposed to the very static content of the old site). Aside from the blog-style of the front page – our primary web-communication device – specifically the downloads page will be updated at reasonable intervals so as to keep its resources up-to-date.

Once the transition of the old site is complete (the write-ups [a.k.a. reviews] are proving awkward to move), new content will be encouraged, especially photos and logs/write-ups of expeditions, camps, and more.

Still To Come…

  • There will soon be an array of NEW Scouting-related resources published on the downloads page
  • All the old ‘reviews’ will be transfered from the old site and hopefully NEW ones added too.
  • Continual improvements will be made to make the site more efficient and comprehensive
  • Features will be added as they become useful or necessary

NEW since your last visit…

  • LIVE SEARCH – check it out (top right of the page)
  • Subscribe Page let’s you subscribe to the updates mailing list
  • Lots of little things that you’ll probably never notice without looking hard!